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much more defensive tone. you have utilities and health care stocks among the leaders. guys, back to you. >> thank you, bob. we'll be checking back. as we proceed on "closing bell" today. >> certainly an interesting day. we'll be following the developments out of l.a.x. the markets are about to close in about half an hour. with that much time to go, about 15,606 on the dow. the s&p up by just four points. >> much more on the shooting at l.a.x. as we continue our coverage for this friday. ♪ ♪ hey [ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up, to be the world's best sports sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ something like a phenomenon, baby ♪ ♪ you're something like a phenomenon ♪ [ male announcer ] the cadillac ats, 2013 north american car of the year. lease this cadillac ats for around $299 per month with premium care maintenance included. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 life inspires your trading. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 where others see fads... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 see opportunities. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 at schwab, we're here to help tdd#: 1-800-345-25
are saying that they want proper access to their client and prepare the type of defense that they would present, and what could be said in his defense. to do that they need to seek permission from the prosecutor, permission to go to the prison that he was taken to today. and once they get that they will be able to go to that prison, which has 15,000 inmates inside, several hundreds members of the muslim brotherhood, but not the senior ones. that is what happens now for mr. morsi's point of view. >> dominick we saw morsi for the first time. was that a good thing, a bad thing as far as peace in the country is concerned, and are those demonstrators still out on the streets? >> well, the demonstrators have left the straits in the main. there is no suggestion of clashes or major clashes. >> i would say the situation is now calmer on the streets this evening this evening here in cairo, and there may be the opportunity for month protests tomorrow, and we have to take that with a pinch of assault. >> dominick, thank you very much. >> relatively quiet morning so far on wall street. investors hol
and inconvenience and taking your shoes off and all the rest. really they are the first line of defense. >> yes, they are. not necessarily the first but they are a line of defense. there are other things that go on in airports. i'm sure we can improve the symptoms. in charge, deputy director of fbi is making a massive effort to do that. i just flew to washington on the shuttle to new york, massive lines. i don't mind. i want to be sure that i'm protected and other people traveling are protected. >> jane harmon, thanks so much. jim cavanaugh, as you hear the former congresswoman talking about lines of defense, talking about that vulnerable area before the checkpoint, she's pointing out has other means, presumably eyes on suspicious people. there's a certain amount of profiling that does take place, does it not? >> that's true. there's some cameras watching. there will be some officers. until you're actually talking to someone or going through security, that's the first realtime you're confronted. you may have been, and i went to israel a few years ago to work with the national police over there
hurt the defense case. our legal panel weighs in coming up. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there. jon: breaking news on stories we're watching around the world. china suspect as car crash at beijing's tianamen square which an suv plowed into pedestrians killing five people was actually a suicide attempt. sources say beijing police are searching for two members of the china's muslim community for questioning. >>> hurricane-force winds battering europe from great britain to the netherlands killing more than a dozen people so far, cutting power for thousands and forcing the cancellation of hundreds of flights. >>> the captain of the ill-fated costa concordia back in court hearing testimony for a second day. witnesses describe the chaos on the night
defense in the second half of the season. >> it will be a huge boost to the defense. but the 49ers have won five games in a row without aldon smith. more news after this. >>> well, they're just like all of us. president obama and the first lady did what millions of americans did tonight, handed out candy. trick-or-treaters got a box of white house m&ms, jelly beans, a serving of dried fruit. they've got to do that, and a white house sweet dough butter cookie made by the white house executive pastry chef. not bad. >> that's the place to go halloween night. halloween is also an excuse for adults to dress up. that was matt lauer, the "today" show host running in a baywatch red bathing suit. all the staff dressed up. there we go. mr. t, al roker, laverne and shirley. >> that's matt lauer on the far right. >> that's odds. >> he stole the show. the theme this morning, retro tv for the morning crew. >> showing off those legs. >> happy halloween. thanks for joining us. >> see you tomorrow. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. t
with the stars" pro,5a derek hough, speaking out in defense of julianne. >> derek hough on the defense. >> she is so sorry. >> his first words on sister, julianne's, black facet( i]scan. her controversial costume, a takeoff on "orange is the new black." >> she didn't mean anything by it. 1 >> howt( is she doing? >> she is beside herself. sorry. she really is. lessont( learned. >> derek and the "dancing" cast rallying around julianne after the show at mixology. >>v make a mistake? >> i think it was an innocent mistake. she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. >> derek dancing despite an old back injury that nearly forced him out of the ballroom. >> diszing down here, taking stuff to help it go down. >> jack opening up about thefá toll ms is taking on him? >> i get fatigue and is common with ms. >> his mom, sharon, revealing she wanted jack to quit the show. >> irsaid toe@"im you whyxd don you just throw in the towel and you just throw ihrj like, how d? i never will do that. >> just her being overprotective? >> she is more concerned about my health than she is about me wynning you "dancing wit
equality, despite repealing don't ask, don't tell. despite overturning the so-called defense of marriage act. despite all these gains, there are still 29 states where there are no laws, no legal bowl work whatsoever to protect lesbian, gay and bisexual from being fired simply for who they are. and is the same goes for transgender people in 33 states. but today there are signs of progress in wash. senate majority leader harry reid has set a vote for monday on legislation that would protect the lgbt community from workplace discrimination. to talk about it, joining us now is representative mark pocan, democrat of wisconsin, and chris geitner, legal editor at the bill in the senate is called the employment and nondiscrimination act and bars companies with more than 15 employees from discriminating against workers on the basis of their sexuality or sexual orientati orientation. and joe manchin of west virginia was the last holdout among the democrats. he's now on board. two republicans, collins of maine and kirk of illinois, are also on board. and then there is hope that three
defense is becoming more people for people taking sleep medication. it is a real thing, but experts say very rare. >>> it is a a lonely layover. coming up, what forced a bay area-bound plane to land on a remote alaskan an island. live from sfo where those passengers just arrived. >> and a bus driver is being called a hero. how an unexpected stop saved a life. >> and stealing the show from the pope. the little boy who couldn't contain himself when the pontif took to the podium. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. clear tonight, but will it stay this way for the school parades and the trick-or-treaters? my halloween forecast is everyone deserves a better car. and now, during the "sign then drive" sales event, avo: at volkswagen we believe you're closer to yours than ever. like the turbocharged tiguan the midsize passat or the 34 highway mpg jetta. and every new 2014 volkswagen comes with no-charge scheduled maintenance... ...all for practically just your signature. the "sign then drive" sales event is back. ...and it's never been easier to get a new volkswagen. get zero due at signing, z
. >> the sleep driving defense is becoming more people for people taking sleep medication. it is a real thing, but experts say very rare. >>> it is a a lonely layover. coming up, what forced a bay area-bound plane to land on a remote alaskan an island. live from sfo where those passengers just arrived. >> and a bus driver is being called a hero. how an unexpected stop saved a life. >> and stealing the show from the pope. the little boy who couldn't contain himself when the pontif took to the podium. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. clear tonight, but will it stay this way for the school parades and the trick-or-treaters? my halloween forecast at farmers we make you smarter about insurance, because what you dont know can hurt you. what if you didn't know that it's smart to replace washing-machine hoses every five years? what if you didn't know that you might need extra coverage for more expensive items? and what if you didn't know that teen drivers are four times more likely to get into an accident? 'sup the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get s
play face. for the third time in the game, completely full defense. 261 yards in the air and 44 on the ground. the nail in the coffin going to the end zone. second pick of the game and the expression says it all. 1-8 and 0-6 with a 33-28 loss to arizona. san jose state and unlv with 13 yards to chandler jones. gets his foot down. the tenth catch of the year. later in the quarter. halloween is over, but san jose has tricks up their sleeves. hands off and billy freeman to third yards to kyle nun. looks like they are going to win it 34-24 the final. picking off the quarterback and 33-yard pick 6. buckeyes off and running. inflict it to brown. the buckeyes got the 56-0 win. the 21st straight victory. a brief time out with the championship. a two-man lead. he was looking for the first win of the year and should be an entering weekend to thosuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because o
idea? >> to continue the falcons theme here, back then the defensive coordinator took over for dan reeves. right now they are talking about the defensive coordinate forfor denver, jack del rio, who is also head coach at jacksonville back in the day. not a very good one, i might add. but at this point, you have peyton manning as your quarterback, you just need someone who can fog up the maror so fox can get back -- >> i like that. fog up the mirror. keep them warm. right. so let's stay with the nfl here. dolphins jonathan martin, this week, he left the team after an parent prank in the cafeteria. there were reports he was bullied by teammates. today the team issued a statement saying in part our primary concern for jonathan is his overall health and well-being. as an organization we take any accusations of player misconduct seriously. the notion of bullying is based on speculation that hasn't been presented to us as a concern for jonathan or anyone else internally. what do you make of this story? >> let's put this in perspective. i've done reporting on this over the last couple of d
of killing his wife. his defense team insists that his wife died of natural causes. several medical witnesses are expected to take the stand today in what is expected to be another dramatic day in this murder trial. alicia acuna is live from our denver bureau with more on this. >> reporter: hi, jenna. we're hearing from a forensic pathologist, an expert witness who was hired by the prosecution. some people know him as the medical examiner from florida who performed the autopsy on anna nicole smith. he testified he was brought on to the case and given tissue sample slides and autopsy reports of michelle macneill to study. take a listen. >> my opinion was michele died as a result of drowning and in addition to that she had some drugs which were not in fox kohl logical levels but, in my opinion, could have contributed to her death. >> reporter: she was found in a bathtub in her home fully clothed by her 6-year-old daughter in 2007. her death was initially ruled natural causes as a result of cardiovascular disease. that was amended by utah's chief medical examiner to undetermined and to include d
of the defense. >> there has been another setback t. website's data center crashed sunday. it brought enrollment in all 50 states to a screeching halt. athena jones is following the development for us from the white house. >> reporter: good morning, chris. this is more bad news when it comes to obama care. the man in charges of fixing the job website says it will be running smoothly by the end of to have. this is another major meltdown raising questions about that. another major stumble for the problem riddled website >> it's better today than it was on october 1st. it's a long way from perfect. >> visitors applied sunday and couldn't apply for health care coverage. the vendor for verizon, quote, experienced a failure in a networking component. >> that service connected to the irs and other databases. the company says they're working to fix the problem. >> what you are seeing here is a gap in innovation and a gap in execution. >> reporter: maked with heck technical issue, ridiculed on late night tv. >> the site was only designed to handle six users a
" in seaworld's defense of its programs. take a look. >> the cnn film "blackfish" is taking social media by storm. on facebook and twitter, thousands debate the ethics of keeping animals in captivity at aquariums and theme parks. many say their were stunned that this allegation of mistreatment may have led to deadly consequences for trainers. after watching this documentary, i can never be happy at seaworld again, said one. and another says heartbreaking to watch the whales in captivity. how can someone think this is okay? but it's not just the internet. >> it's not fair to the animal that they have to be taken out of their natural environment so we can be able to see them and learn about them. >> they're really big fish, usually kept in small quarters. doesn't seem right. >> it tells the story of a veteran seaworld trainer dragged into the water and drown by a killer whale she was working with in 2010. >> the whale lanchs onto her and took her under. >> now former trainers believe killer whales should be released back into the wild or retired to sea pens. why do you think they're still
as a defense. such laws allow people to use deadly force if they believe their life is in danger. >> catherine: martin's mother say the loss sent the wrong message. >> catherine: their new details after a texas man was arrested after a murder spree. the victim and close some of his own relatives. john laurence reports. goes along with it. -- police believe the man. who 11 judges to rehear this martin's mother says the >> reporter:police in terrell texas say the man suspected of going on a killing spree monday knew several of the victims. police caught up to charles brownlow in a wooded area in the city early tuesday morning. >> reporter:investigators found five people dead across the city, and are still figuring out why it happened. "we have some indications, i don't really want to speculate on a motive we do have several theories that we're working." >> reporter:police were called to the first scene monday evening, and found brownlow's aunt, belinda young walker, shot in the head. >> reporter:a house a few blocks away was on fire. firefighters found the body of mary catherine brownlow. the >>
is the first line of defense. they are there at the metal detectors and first person of authority you see with a badge on. they are backed up by police officers but the men and women of tsa are right out front. they are the ones that have to deal. evidently the shooter came in with the what's described as a semiautomatic ak-47 like rifle in a bag. when he went to the metal det t detector where we would drop our laptop or bag, he came out with his gun. pete williams broeched the question too. what's significant is that he appears he targeted tsa officers. we know we're told one was killed and two or three wounded. the witness you just spoke to said he was asked if he was tsa. possibly one of the things everyone is considering is about two months ago a tsa officer at lax allegedly made an inappropriate comment about how a 15-year-old girl was dressed as she was going through the line. he was terminated when he was terminated, he called in and wrote in death threats against tsa agents and against the lax airport and arrested and charged. number one, he may still be in custody. number two, h
-- being under the influence of a prescription should constitute a dui. >> the sleep driving defense is becoming more people for people taking sleep medication. it is a real thing, but experts say very rare. >>> it is a a lonely layover. coming up, what forced a bay area-bound plane to land on a remote alaskan an island. live from sfo where those passengers just arrived. >> and a bus driver is being called a hero. how an unexpected stop saved a life. >> and stealing the show from the pope. the little boy who couldn't contain himself when thepontif . >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. but willr tonight, but wt stay this way for the school parades and the trick-or-treaters? my halloween forecast overmany discounts to thine customers! fe driver, lish accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners discounts? here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kingdom. mo
's policy on officer safety. tsa administrators say the agency's officers are the first line of defense in airport security and the agency will do everything possible to make sure that friday's tragedy will never be repeated. there was no mention if this means that officers will be armed in the future. >> the release of a serial rapist will likely be delayed. this comes after a landlord decided against supporting the man's move to northern los angeles county. hubbart was committed to a state mental hospital nearly two decades ago. known as the pillow case rapist, he's admitted tohis attacks took place in l-a county from 1971 to 19-72. and in the south bay from 19-80 to 19-82. and an attack outside a san jose middle ll still be released, but not before a state contractor searches for a different location. >> the family of 13-year-old andy lopez plans to file a civil rights lawsuit monday against sonoma county. lopez is the 13-year-old shot and killed by a deputy.who spotted him carrying an assault rifle, which turned out to be a replica. the family claims that deputy erick gelhaus shot l
but they are the frontline of defense. we saw that today. they were the first ones to face this threat. one of them lost his life for it. >> jim, appreciate the update. thanks. for more on the bigger picture i spoke earlier with tom ridge. during the bush administration he was the nation's first secretary of homeland security. >> mr. secretary, appreciate you joining us. as we said this was the first time a tsa employee has been killed in the line of duty since the organization was established during a time in the bush administration. what do you make of what happened today at l.a.x.? what are the main sort of points you're looking at or interested in finding out more details on? >> well first of all i think you're right. there's still more details to be determined. let's be very clear. i think all the other guests have spoken to this. the possibility of an individual coming into a terminal with a hidden firearm is real. and it's something that they're going to have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. there are 1.8 million passengers a day that go through over 450 airports. and so this is a real challenge t
defense attorneys are taking scans and saying can i find anything abnormal in this scan? and if they do, they can hold that up in front of a jury and say look at this. the neuroscience expert has told us that this looks odd or is different than average. my client couldn't help themselves. >> cut them a break. you know, you can't hold them fully responsible as we do with other people. we're not all equal. and for some individuals the dice are loaded early in life, conspiring to push them into a life of crime. >> he sees a real benefit to society when brain imaging can predict which kids are most likely to end up in trouble and then work to develop treatment programs to prevent it. he has twin boys of his own. >> as a parent i want to know. and i think every parent should know, is their child at risk for becoming a violent criminal offender? we'll never be able to predict with perfect accuracy which children are going to become violent offenders of the future. but we have information, some information now, which does tell us that some kids, the odds are raised that they will become a viol
, a simple defense -- and this is the simplest rule for folks to remember -- and older folks are usually the ones first targeted, if you don't initiate the contact, it's fake. if you don't initiate the contact, it's fake. that's almost a guarantee. gerri: well, and here's the bottom line -- >> seen it all over the country. gerri: -- the government isn't calling people. the government is not calling you about obamacare. they're not calling me, they're not calling anybody. you have to initiate all the action on your own. it's up to you, it's on you which is one of the issues here. >> right. gerri: we talk about the phone calls, people are also being told that, you know, we'll help you sign up for obamacare, send us $100, we'll help you navigate the process because the process is broken, and people are confused, and they're worried. it's sort of a perfect petri dish for this kind of thing to happen. >> oh, it absolutely is. gerri: yeah. people are so upset. people on medicare are worried that their medicare's going to be taken away or discontinued, or their doctor's going to leave them. the
to israel defense force, hamas is responsible for that rocket fire. we'll keep watching this one as it develops. >>> singer chris brown waking up in jail cell yet again. this time police say he attacked a man outside a hotel in washington, d.c. over the weekend. the 24-year-old is still on probation for beating up rihanna -- remember this -- back in 2009. if he is found in violation of his probation agreement he could face four years behind bars. he'll face a judge this morning on felony assault charges. >>> this morning we're remembering rock and roll legend lou reed. ♪ ♪ >> that is a song he is best known for, a solo hit "walk on the wild side." he was born in brooklyn, new york. he was the lead singer for the vet vet underground -- velvet underground in the 1960's. a lot of musicians remembering him. steven tyler tweeting from masses to the masses you made the world sing. from lenny krav i tz, peace on the wild side. lou was 71 years old. i think every generation remembers that song. >> did a lot of music and a lot of living. >> it was his second liver. coming up straight
stop apologizing, stop being defensive. the reality the nsa saved thousands of lives not just in the united states but france, germany and throughout europe. the french are someone to talk. the fact they have carried out spying operations against the united states, both government and industry. as far as germany that is where the hamburg plot began to 9/11. they had dealings with iran, iraq, north korea, french and germans and other european countries. we're not doing this for the fun of it. this gathers valuable intelligence that helps not just us but the europeans. >> but -- martha: we'll talk about that coming up with peter king. the congressman will join us later this hour, 9:30. bill: what do you think at home? does america apologize too much? send us a tweet all morning, @billhemmer, @marthamaccallum. we'll get to them a little bit later today. there was a time we would fix all this stuff, right? our view of the world. how the world views us. some of this polling would suggest exactly the opposite. martha: all the world leaders know they have been bugged but they don't l
, the president's i didn't know defense, was he really in the dark about obama care's troubles and u.s. snooping on world leaders? there may be cause for concern, no matter what the answer is. >>> plus some desperate americans may be successful at signing up for obama care, about you they're not necessarily the people the administration need the most in order to make the system work. >>> one year later, many superstorm sandy survivors haven't been able to put the death and the destruction behind them. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room". >>> right now, one of the -- is being asked of president obama, what did he know? and when did he know it? the senate intelligence committee chair de anifeinstein seems to be confirming records that the president was not aware about snooping on allied leaders until recently, this only days after the health secretary kathleen sebelius said the president didn't know about failures with the obama care website until it was launched. let's bring in jim acosta, who is watching all this unfold? what's the latest, jim? >> reporter: that's right, wolf, diann
largest increase in defense spending in more than two decades, money spent mainly improving the ability to staining amphibious assaults. >> a new government report claims some homeland security workers have been abusing an overtime program at a cost of $9 million every year. six offices are investigated, one finding employees got two hours of overtime every day, but spent most time watching t.v., surfing the web or relaxing at their desk. >> federal budget cuts starting today will take food off the table for millions of americans. $5 billion was cut from the program known as snap. the reason, congress didn't renew a boost of the program that it got four years ago. the move affects more than 47 million people who receive food stamps. anyone getting food stamps will now have to cut back on groceries, meaning a family of four receiving the maximum allotment will see benefits cut by $36 a month. those cuts will affect people who aren't on food stamps, and every food dollar spent creates $1.73 in economic growth. >> there are no clashes in egypt, security forces fired tear gas at anti coup p
. and basically they made microwave products for the reagan buildup in defense in the early 80's. add a big play, but now what it does is what is called mixed signal radiofrequency chips, the stock is around 26, two and a half dollars per share in cash with no debt. back up the cash and look at next year's earnings, that's over eight and a half times earnings. at the billion in cash, no debt. return on equities is 20%. they are plugged into the apple and the samsung phone. 47 percent of the business is apple and the rest is samsung, but the rest of the business is growing faster than industrial and aerospace portions for radio frequency and mixed signal. liz: your next pick is waiting petroleum. now that is a name that is up 60 percent already. >> we have owned it since the day it went public. i had dinner with them. but the company continues to do very well. the bottom line is when we looked at bonanza creek, the nobles, selling at seven and eight times next year's discretionary cash flow. still selling. the production is still growing. liz: says it shot any of our viewers that he is so happy?
's biggest problems on defense, giving up 44 points per game . that is among the worst in the country. just weeks ago their head coach said cal's confidence had been shaken but bears have not given up. >> i think everybody is frustrated. disappointed. but i think everybody is seeing a reason to keep working and running. and are optimistic. >> tomorrow, michigan, michigan state. battling top ten teams in the night cap. this is follow bid after the game. second round of the charles schwab championship included with a fan favorite. playing with this trophy and fun part here is the back spin. look at this, just like, pulling this over a rope. yes. taking it for birdie. couples his second straight. leads to 12 under. well, lost in the middle of a fest last night was an owed side line confrontation between mark jackson and blake griffin. second quarter griffin goes over and steps on jackson's foot the coach just gives him a shove up the court. later on, they revise vizit this, face-to-face. remember, jackson won't back douvenl he's old school new york. he's going to get his words in. blake griff
arizona, cal's biggest problems on defense, giving up 44 points per game . that is among the worst in the country. just weeks ago their head coach said cal's confidence had been shaken but bears have not given up. >> i think everybody is frustrated. disappointed. but i think everybody is seeing a reason to keep working and running. and are optimistic. >> tomorrow, michigan, michigan state. battling top ten teams in the night cap. this is follow bid after the game. second round of the charles schwab championship included with a fan favorite. playing with this trophy and 444,000s ndz cash. fun part here is the back spin. look at this, just like, pulling this over a rope. yes. taking it for birdie. couples his second straight. leads to 12 under. well, lost in the middle of a fest last night was an owed side line confrontation between mark jackson and blake griffin. second quarter griffin goes over and steps on jackson's foot the coach just gives him a shove up the court. later on, they revise vizit this, face-to-face. remember, jackson won't back douvenl he's old school new york. he'
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defensive. the reality is the nsa has saved thousands of lives not just in the u.p.s. but france and germany and throughout europe. we're trying to gatherable against that helps us and helps the europeans. >> there are reports that the president did know that angela merkel's cell phone was being tapped. >> talk about a confounding story in terms of not understanding the concept as to why we would do this. why it would go unknown by the president if it was. david ignatius can you put this in perspective and snowden's role. is he still such a menace or is he revealing things we need to know? >> first about nsa collection, it seems increasingly clear if nsa could collect a signal it would. and just add to this ever greater pile of data. analysts couldn't possibly have gone through and made sense of all the signals that they had access to. in terms of spying on the world leaders, the 35 world leaders which is the latest thing that's riled the europeans and people all over the world, it's hard to imagine, if you captured something of interest from angela merkel's cell phone that reference to that
, to defense matters, to economic matters, and i am a strong supporter of it. >> the director of national intelligence james clapper announced overnight he is declassifying a trove of documents about the collection under the foreign intelligence surveillance acts, or first ssa. later today, clapper and the head of the nsa, keith alexen direction will be testify on the hill about that program. you can be sure they're going to be getting questions about spying overseas, how far it should go and what limits the administration is considering placing on it now. >> this is a huge story, especially in europe. jim sciutto, thank you very much. >>> republican senator lindsey graham turning up the heat on the obama administration for its handling of last year's benghazi rror attack and its aftermath. the outspoken critic of the administration is threatening to block all presidential nomination, before the senate until survivors of that attack testify before congress. take a listen to graham on fox news. >> for god sakes, let the house have a select committee where you get three or four committees t
years. this question was most clearly brought out with the preemptive doctrine of defense. it has been debated ever since. i do not think we have sorted it out. we have not come up with a clear answer to that question. what happens now is case-by- case, we evaluate whether these things violate some sort of sovereign principle. there is a moral discussion and there is a practical discussion, keeping america safe. these things mixed together in a way that is not quite as clear as the constitutional and personal debate in the united states. >> i would need some help in you framing the question to understand how you would want me to address it on the domestic front. >> any of the cartels that operate along the lines of communication in texas. a 45 minute running gun battle in downtown nuevo laredo included hand grenades and automatic weapons. that type of information. we are connecting the dots. data and information are intelligence. we are putting intelligence and security in the lead in terms of what is now the right to protect. the debate here is security over in my mind, we have bridge
to handle a variety of ways, both defensive and somewhat offensive, but as people know, all the tsa agents at the checkpoint aren't armed and aren't able to exchange gunfire. however, there are, and there are at loss, because we know this from the 2002 shooting at los angeles airport, there are a number of armed and plain clothed police officers there as well. but to actually defend the checkpoint against rounds from an automatic or semiautomatic weapon, they aren't exactly equipped to do that. they don't have, you know, the shielding necessary to defend themselves, and the tsa agent that took the bullet was obviously shielding, you know, shielding the airport and shielding the country without a lot of defensive armament or defensive firepower. >> tell me just how much -- clearly, we as people who travel, can see the visible changes as far as, you know, maybe pat-downs or some of these detectors as we go through security. but what really, what are the sig sknt changes since, let's say, 9/11, at our nation's airports? >> the biggest changes are in the people doing the job themselves. they'r
. and the military -- right now the department of defense is fighting those two options, fighting the option of removing the chain of command. >> do you feel then that since senator mckaskill is on the other side of this mission you have been betrayed by the senator. >> i don't feel i have been betrayed by any of the sen sena. they are wrestling with a emotional issue. >> this is about violent crime and if you want to solve the issue you have to deal with the adjudication process. >> mckaskill has great intentions as does everyone on the armed services knee. knee -- committee. need will not make a change from the violent criminals in our military until need improve the process of investigating and proprosecuting these criminals. mckaskill feels strongly about making positive improvements. i think it's mis misguided. >> let me say this. if senator mcaccoun mckaskill wn would he not be just part of the good ol' boy network and doesn't get it. >> in you looif you look at thes there are more men being sexually assaulted in the military than women. it's a violent crime across the board. and the f
and baggage and cargo where this incident took place, is that first line of defense that if you fly, you know very well, this location and you're familiar with it because you can't board a plane or get to the gate without going past the checkpoint where you show documents and i.d. and passports and they match all of those details so you are then allowed to go through and have your bag screened it. we have information here as well from the ronald reagan ucla medical center. they received three male victims from the lax airport shootings, one arrived in critical condition and two are listed in fair condition. the hospital has sent out its appreciation to the community and they are awaiting to get more information to the public regarding these victims here. but, the terminal itself is still closed. faa says it's a fluid situation and at this point it's a minute by minute -- update on what will happen with flights both those arriving and departing here. we spoke with a number of eyewitnesses who told a similar story of hearing gunshots ring out in the airport, a crowded airport. one person we spo
defense director. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> obviously a difficult day. when you talk about public arenas, and a shopping mall certainly qualifies in that area, what can you do? there's only so much you can do short of making a shopping mall a fortress which isn't all that inviting for shoppers, right? >> right. this is a tragic event. my thoughts and prayers to the victims. shopping area, similar to open areas of public airports, is by its very nature hard to protect. we talk about proceed active measures, talking about potential weaponry and intent before it happens. >> you know, i've been to stores where they make you check your purse, your bag, when you get there. of course, it's easier for a store to secure itself than for a mall to secure public areas. do you think we'll see any retailers utilizing more specific tactics this season? >> i think our shoppers will probably see a higher presence of law enforcement security personnel, maybe at entry points as well as inside the shopping stores throughout the country. >> this may be off your turf, but thinking about the tsa
are at the point of attack. they are the first line of defense. >> and you don't really, mike brooks, you don't kent really realize how dangerous potential it is for those tsa officer who's deal with security at airports around the country. >> no, you don't. and you know, you ethe ones there, the officers in the blue shirts. most of them are unarmed. you have law enforcement that is usually on the other side in the secure area that will assist them should they need some help but those officers from tsa, they are don't have weapons. so yeah, very, very vulnerable. tom's absolutely right. i was part of the team that actually responded to the capitol when those two officers officer chestnut and officer gibson were killed by an armed gunman as he enter the capitol building itself. so absolutely. there's officers manning those checkpoints extremely vulnerable, wolf. >> and why aren't they armed? >> well, the tsa, you know, i this i their main mission is operating the checkpoints looking for -- you know the screening of passengers and you have law enforcement in this particular case, you've got the
, with fixodent. the adhesive helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. >>> i want to check back in with deb debra. what are you learning about the contact this shooter had with his family? >> reporter: paul ciancia was sending a series of texts over the last couple days and the texts, the content was concerning. we're being told by the source that the texter described angry, rambling and ciancia complained about the government and los angeles and search warrants are executed on a home where it's believed he lived in los angeles and a residence in new jersey. right now, they are looking at the content of the texts, they were rambling, angry, unhappy, discouraged and that's what we're being told. >> what about the status of the shooter right now? do we know? >> we know he was shot multiple times, center mass in the middle of the chest and was removed from the terminal to a gurney and handcuffed taken to a local hospital. we're been trying to get a status update all day. he went to the hospital where others were taken. t
of the week apart of new defense starting to asert recently. his nickname is squirrel heead! >> gary: lighting up thinks life than liven up things! >>yes mix it up some. >> gary: people expect something from you when you are from money. >> gary: does vicki ever joked brown with you on the weekend? >> spirit we have great times on the weekend. >> gary: spells out curried little blurry little brother will play for the minor league team in santa cruz. he tried to make the bid club but it did not work. he has a nice man with his big brother but he will have to show that he is in b eight caliber. nba caliber >> gary: catherine are you ready for this? 24.6 million and he paid 55% imc ome tax >> catherine: why is it 55 percent? >> gary: because he wanted it all one lump sum >> gary: capra said the nine get political with me. >> gary: kathryn says do not get political with me. >> i feel really sorry for him. (laughter) >> gary: threw his career in boston and after in the '50s and '60s with the racism stories about the city of boston russell left on bad terms. today derrick it is brussel a statue unvei
with a mix on post surgery medication to drawn her. the defense says she had a long-term heart condition and that was the cause of her death. >> i didn't find any evidence. >> reporter: cardiologist said from his analysis she was in relatively good health and there was no natural reason she should have been found unconscious in her bathtub in april of 2007. >> in chest pain. she had no symptoms that suggest that she had a significant problem. >> are doctors unique in their ability to commit homicide? >> objection. >> reporter: prosecutors dropped that bombshell but prevented from questioning dr. joshua perper about his book "when doctors kill, who, why and how" but that did not prevent him from giving his medical opinion. >> so your examination of the lungs and the microscope pick slides of the lungs. >> yes. >> support a finding of drowning? >> yes. >> reporter: and on cross examination they got the doctor to admit possibly michelle macneill died of naturally occurring heart disease. now, erin, next week closing arguments, dell rations maybe even a verdict. >> wow, obviously going to be
in berkeley. hosting arizona. cal biggest problem? everywhere. but especially on defense. giving up 44 points and 500 yards 5 40 total offense yards game worst in the country. couple we go ago head coach said his team confidence shaken as you can see. here against washington. touch down after touch did you know but the bears have in the given up. >> everybody from us stated. disappointed. at the same time i think everybody of sees the reason to keep working. keep grinding and optimistic about the future. >> clem football tomorrow on abc. we have michigan fears virs state at 12:30 in the afternoon. newscast at 4:00 o'clock and then at 5:00 p.m. minimum and no. 3 florida stat state. great battle in the sunshine state followed by all the highlights after the game at 8:30. mountain midst of the dunk fest last night clipper victory was the odd side lane confrontation between head coach jackson and clippers forward griffin. second quarter griffin goes over to inbond the ball and steps on jackson foot and the coach gives him a little shove with the right hand. up the court and then
many to come to major brezler's defense. >> they should be giving him a medal, not prosecuting him. >> reporter: we're told the marine corps is not commenting further on his case to avoid influencing the three officers he'll face at his board of inquiry next month. until then, brezler will focus on his current job, fighting fires, and saving lives. ivan watson, cnn, new york. >>> another fascinating case, amanda knox, set to be retried in italy for the murder of her roommate. she won't be there. but new evidence in the case could be good news for knox. we'll tell you why. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. at afraud could meanuld blower credit scores. and higher car loan rates. it's a problem waiting to happen. check your credit score, check your credit report at store and essentially they just get sold something. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. before you invest in
freedom ring" will go to marian wright edelman's children's defense fund. she wrote the foreword for the book, because she knew stanley, and she marched, and she knew martin luther king. so it was, it was wonderful to have her forward in this book. >> host: martin luther king and when wilkins come a driving down to the march. he was inside the car with them. >> guest: is just amazing, stanley is sort of like -- he's all over the place. there are some wonderful pictures in that book, two of them i think are outstanding. i had never seen a photograph of martin luther king smiling, or laughing. granted, martin luther king, jr. had very little to laugh about. his cause with serious, and he had a great deal of obstructionisdestructiontrying h under way. but there is that picture of him smiling. i mean, and you think of a time you have seen many pictures of him laughing? >> host: kitty kelley, with the production of these two books, are you out of the unauthorized out of the business? >> guest: well, i hope not, but they do take a long time. and i've tried to pick figures that truly ha
the body fat test. fitness experts argue the test isn't accurate and are urging the defense department to change requirements. the number of soldiers discharged for being overweight is ten times higher than it was five years ago. >> so what do you think? if we're in the marines and we probably instead of running 20 miles just going to go to the doc. >> we're well past marine condition, i'm afraid, joe. >> if we wanted to. i want liposuction. >> less than a week after five people were hurt on ride at the north carolina state fair another person was hurt. a work certificate in critical condition after the second vortex ride fell on him. i don't let my children go on these ride. three to five people hurt in the first vortex accident. one of the victims is 14 years old. these carnivals are set up and go from town to town. do you let your kids get on those rides? like i wouldn't go on the tea cups. >> i went on the tea cup at hershey park and i'll never ever go on a ride again. no. >> what is the vortex? >> the vortex, it's where it spins out around -- >> no. why? why? we like to find other
that threat. they're the first line of defense. it's something that we checked out earlier today to see, are they armed, are any of them armed and none of them are and in fact, they haven't asked for that power. so they really do face that risk together and they face it with a good amount of courage. >> let's thank them for all the good work they do. thanks very much, jim sciutto, for that. let's bring in brian todd. he's over at the magic wall along with our cnn law enforcement analyst, tom fuentes. guys, you're mapping out how all of this went down. >> that's right. according to patrick shannon, the police chief of l.a.x. airport, the shooter made his way in at the beginning, at the lead here of the terminal. he could have come in through the front area, could have come in through an exit. they're not quite sure yet. began opening fire after he opened up a bag and pulled out an assault rifle according to the police. then shot his way past tsa passenger screening. tom, i will bring you in here. tom is also, we should tell viewers, a former s.w.a.t. team member with the fbi who dealt wi
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